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Sydney Coast
Hope Spot

One of the world's great marine destinations is now an internationally recognised Hope Spot. This Mission Blue accreditation ensures the community who live, love and visit the Sydney coastal region are empowered to protect and preserve its environment.

Sydney’s coastal waters are the pride and joy of the region. A dive into the striking blue water will reveal more than 600 species and a thriving ecosystem. As a location that hosts more than 13 million visitors to its beaches every year, we need to preserve and protect this extraordinary marine asset.


Be Inspired


Preserving the Treasures of the Sydney Coast

The treasures beneath the surface along Sydney’s coast are perhaps one of the continent’s greatest assets. You can explore many of them on this website and spread your own hope for the ocean by joining the many citizen science projects helping ensure a healthy future for Sydney’s marine ecosystem. Dive in!

Image by Clarinta Subrata


Working Together

The Ocean Lovers Festival of Ideas, Art+Music & Actions uses entertainment to engage and inspire audiences to protect the ocean and its habitat. Underwater Earth reveals the magic and majesty of the ocean using immersive technology and incredible imagery to inspire their audiences to do more to protect the ocean. The two organisations have joined together to champion the Sydney Coast Hope Spot for Mission Blue.

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Image by Max Gotts

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